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Modernizing a classic

Restauranteur Donnie Blais launched the original Rancho Relaxo in the late ’90s, and although the Kensington Market location eventually closed,  his granddaughter, Angela Blais, launched a new Rancho Relaxo on Dupont Street in 2015.  She modernized the original concept, adapting to the fast-paced Toronto lifestyle.

Being a family is the philosophy behind the restaurant, which now has two locations, The up and coming Junction Triangle and their newest addition in Etobicoke . “I grew up coming to Rancho. It always has a sense of home to it,” says Angela. “We wanted to be part of the neighbourhood...this is part of my family I want to make it part of your family too.”

The community and localized focus of Rancho Relaxo creates a family friendly atmosphere, and their restaurant’s food truck can be seen at local fairs and events. Inside the restaurant kids are welcome, and the restaurant offers small distractions such as toy dinosaurs to occupy kids while their parents eat.