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—  Menu  —

All of your favourites



—  Mix & Match  —

3 for 10$
Famous Fried Fish

Topped with chipotle mayo, lettuce and pico

Crispy Cauliflower (gf/v)

Topped with avocado crema, and pico (contains almond milk)

Jerk Chicken (gf)

Topped with jerk mayo, mango marmalade, and cilantro
Pulled Pork (gf)

Topped with sriracha slaw and pico

Fried Shrimp

Topped with pickled onions, tomatillo, and cilantro


*corn tortillas available on request


—  Pick Two  —

2 for 10$
—  Rancho Chicken (gf)  —

chicken breast sauteed

with peppers and onions

—  Pulled Pork(gf)  —

slow roasted to perfection

in a chipotle bbq sauce

—  Portobello(gf)  —

The king of mushrooms sauteed

—  Rancho Veg (gf) —

Eggplant, Zuccini, Peppers & Onions

Side Orders

—  Chicken Lime Soup(gf)  —
Tortilla strips, Pico & Cheese

—  Daily Vegan Soup(gf/v)  —
Constantly Changing

Constantly Delicious

—  Yams & Kale(gf/v)  —
Yam, Kale, Quinoa, White Beans, Sauteed with Tomatos & Onions

—  Kale Caesar(gf/v)  —
Vegan salad with red onions, apple, and fried chickpeas


—  Build Your Own Burritos —
Small $8   Large $10   Bowl $8


—  Bases  —
Refried Beans

Black Beans



—  Main Event  —

Rancho Chicken (gf)       Ground Beef (gf)

Chorizo (gf)        Pork (gf)       Fried Fish

Pulled Yam (v/gf)        Faux Chicken (v)

Faux Beef (v)         Rancho Veggie (v/gf)


—  Extras  —
Lettuce      Pico de Gallo   Cheese       Cilantro

Red Onions    Green Onions     Bell Peppers

Jalepenos     Cactus     Guacamole     Vegan Cheese


—  Sauces  —
Tomatillo (mild)      House Chipotle (mild)

Sour Cream          Chipotle Mayo

House Hot (very spicy)


—  Add Ons  —

Rancho Wet Style $2

Baked & Topped with Salsa and Sour Cream

Double Meat $2

Two different meats or extra of the same